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Saturday Seminar: Markers & Highlighters in your Planning

Welcome to Saturday Seminar!

This week’s topic is Markers and Highlighters and ideas to use them in your planning!  I love adding color in my planner and a great way to do this is with markers, especially when you plan on the go, you can pop them in your purse and use them when you need to!  I have this case from Websters that works great for on the go planning


You can use them to help color code your calendar marking things for work, kids, together, personal, etc.  Here I used mine for work and scheduling tasks so that I can easily glance at it when I need to know what tasks need to be done, but these tasks don’t clog up my main planning pages


You can use them to add a pop of color, here I used Tim Holtz distress markers to watercolor; more on that at a later date, and use them to highlight a sticker or appointment, by drawing around the sticker or appointment


Use them for planning, here I used markers instead of a pen to separate my days, and plan my meals for the week.


Here I used them to add a little pop to the back cover around my washi tape


Here I used them to write a quote that I like on one of my note pages in my Social Media Planner


I use my highlighters mostly in my Social Media Planner pages to help color code filming, posting, and preparation tasks for things.  I also used a marker to color my social media stamp instead of using a stamp pad because I don’t have that color of stamp pad.  You use the brush end of the marker, and rub the stamp along the flat/long edge of the marker to cover, and then stamp your image.


So how about you? do you like to use markers and highlighters in your planning?  How do you like to plan with them?

Happy Planning!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.26.22 PM


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