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Saturday Seminar: Colored Pencils

For April’s Saturday Seminars, we are going to talk about color tools!!  I’m super excited to share some of the ideas I have using some of the great tools we have out there!!

This week we cover Colored Pencils, or Pencil Crayons, or whatever you like to call them!  They can be a great addition to your planner, to use for decoration, coloring in stamps, color coding your month, or week or day.  You can use them to create anything you want in your planner, the possibilities are endless!

I wanted to share with you a couple of things that I did this month with colored pencils!


Here I used them to highlight special days in march and add a little color to the days that don’t have dates on them at the beginning of the month.


Here I used them to color code stamps that I used to highlight tasks I wanted to complete, red for posting, and yellow for filming.


And here I used them to help me separate Saturday and Sunday instead of using washi, or stamps, I drew the little flowers and then added the shading on either side.

What do you like to add colored pencils to in your planning?  Chat with us over on the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook page in the Saturday Seminar topic!!