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Free Lindsay Font

I have made a cute font called Lindsay to share with you all!

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 10.44.16 AM

please click on the image above to download it!



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Tutorial – B6 Card Wallet and Pocket Insert

Why is it that late at night, when you are trying to be calm and quiet and get ready for bed do you come up with ideas you need to try right this second?


Well, that is what happened to me, last night at about 10:30 I was writing down my thoughts for the day and doing a preplan for the next day, I was thinking that now that I am in a b6, I needed a proper b6 wallet, for cards, and maybe some pockets for stickers and papers etc.

So I grabbed out some older card stock and got to work!


I created vertical card pockets, and secretarial pockets and put it all together, and a few minutes later I have a new wallet!  One easy enough to replicate each month if I want to with new Cocoa Daisy papers that match my planner!

Here is what you need, and the measurements needed for a b6 planner insert.  If you are wanting to do a personal insert, you can use the vertical pocket measurements, and change your inner pocket width cut to 3.25″, and make sure your height corresponds with a personal planner.  I discuss changing things to personal size later in the video if you want to hear that.  I should also add that this insert stands alone, but if you want to wrap it around another insert, I would add about a quarter of an inch to the width of your cover measurements for the bulk from the insert inside to fit comfortably.  I would also maybe do 2 strips of washi one on either side of the middle fold and then one over that in the middle to make the spine more secure to go around your insert.

Scrapbook paper, 4-6 different kinds, can be scraps other than the cover page.

B6 cutting guides

  • Cover 10″x7″
  • Inside left pocket 4.25″x7.5″
  • Horizontal pockets 5 of 4.25″x2″ (vertical pockets 4 of 3″x3″)
  • Secretarial pocket 3.25″x7″


  • paper trimmer
  • scoring tool(optional but makes life so much easier)
  • scissors
  • adhesive(like redline tape, needs to be very secure holding)
  • ruler or measured mat for placement of pockets

Here is the tutorial! I hope you enjoy it!

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January Planner Walkthrough

Can you believe how fast 2017 flew by, wow!!  I feel like March was just a few days ago and it’s already January 1!


This year the plan started off with a makeover of my studio, getting rid of my big cutting table and installing a U shaped desk that will house my paper crafting/planning area(pictured above), computer area and sewing area without having to move everything every time I want to change crafts!  I am hoping (after my sewing machine gets fixed) that I will be able to make time for all of my crafts with this new set up!

Even though I am still sorting through things and cleaning up my studio I thought I would stop and do a filming of my new b6 planner with January’s Personal Dori booklet inside.  I also downloaded some b6 Annie Plans Printables for the year to help me with Social Media, Forward Planning, and even some Lettering Practice sheets!

I hope you’ll enjoy this walkthough!


Happy Planning!


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Saturday Seminar: Monthly Calendars

So as I was getting ready for this weeks post, I was thinking to myself, really I don’t have a ton to talk about with this week’s topic of Monthly calendars.  Then I started taking photos for the topic and realized there is enough, so here you go!

Monthly Calendars!

I have several, and I even saw some other ideas that I am sure will be shared on the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook Group, so don’t forget to head over there and share your calendar with us!!

The first I am going to talk about is the Pages version of the 2-page Calendar spread.  This is available in Personal and a5 format from Cocoa Daisy.  I use the Personal Size for my Social Media Calendar


The boxes are just the right size to lay out my month at a glance and leave room for some ideas on the side.  You could use the colored dots to color code your days if you needed, or use the little houses, arrows and the bullet to do lists in these boxes as well.

The best part of this month’s calendar is the tiny but not too hidden Simon on the page 🙂


If you’ve seen my May set up videos over on the Cocoa Daisy Blog, you know that I keep a bullet journal for at home planning so that my husband and I are on the same page.  This calendar has to do with things that we need to do together or that one is doing for the other like me going down to pay for Chris’s soccer fees 🙂  I used the day dots and days of the week stickers from the Add-on kit to number these dates and I think it’s super cute!


There is the front of the Standard and Personal Size dori’s as well that have a small calendar at a glance.  I use abbreviations on this calendar that help me to know what tasks fall where in the month so that when I am day planning I am still adding tasks that I may do ever week, but I still need to see them aother wise I will forget…lol


In the front of the Mini Dori, there is something like the page below, but I believe it doesn’t have the days of the week already on it, so I just took one of the January pages I had for note taking, or ideas like this, and jotted out a mini calendar.  I believe one of our members did this in her Mini dori and if you missed it, this is sort of what she did!  I think it’s great since you have the 7 different colors of the week, you can just draw lines for the weeks, and your mini dori now has an at a glance calendar!!


How do you use your monthly Calendars?  do you make your own from one of the other pages?  do you have a great idea about what other then to do’s to fill them with?  Please head on over the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook group to share your ideas with all of us!!

Happy Planning

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Saturday Seminar: Inks, Stains and Ink Pads


Saturday Seminar time again!  and as a mixed media “artist” I love this topic!  It’s all about inks, and stains, and Ink Pads and what are your favorites, so here are mine!

Lindsay’s Favs:

  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink Stains, great for just splashing on the page!  Adding a bit of color, on the Cocoa Daisy pages, it dries so quick!  No heat gun necessary!!, these aren’t great for blending though, mot color combos, when added on top of one another, tend to go muddy brown so keep that in mind when using them.  They work great by themselves or in lines of colors.
  • Tim Holtz Distress Sprays, so much fun to create a different texture behind other things, or just on its own! Spray directly on the sheet, or only a palette and use a brush to apply if you want to paint with the color of spray you have.
  • Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers (I didn’t talk about these in the video below, but since they are on my Dandelion page after I ended the video and decorated the page, I thought I would add them)  They are vibrant colors, best used on another piece of paper, like the Cocoa Daisy Scrapbook paper and then added to your Planner pages as seen in the photo above, just to help avoid bleed through of these heavily pigmented inks, or color a bit on a palette and water them down a bit before using directly in your planning pages!
  • Versafine Ink Pad for general stamping, I have not had any issues with bleed-through, and given a flat surface behind your stamping provides a crisp and clear image! Other inks that work great in planners are Chalk based inks, they don’t bleed through when you’re stamping if you want to add other colors of in into your planning.


Here is a small “tutorial” video on using the stains, sprays, and ink pads in your planning pages!

Happy Planning!

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Saturday Seminar: Watercolors

It’s Saturday Seminar time!  I have to admit I was really super excited for this one because I planned a tutorial video for you to watch, which is at the bottom of this post!

I love to watercolor in my art journals, but sometimes you just want a little more color in your planner, and so here is a quick way to do it!  You can use all sorts of markers, the best ones I find though are ones that react with water like the Tim Holtz Distress markers.  But you could do this with Tombow dual brush markers, or Jane Davenport Mermaid markers.  Keeping in mind the more pigmented and even darker in color the markers are, the more bleed through you will have if you watercolor directly onto your pages.

There is nothing stopping you though from watercoloring on sticker paper and sticking it into your planner, or even watercoloring on watercolor paper and gluing it in either. Both options would work very well if you are not wanting bleedthrough or are worried about your actual pages warping from the water, just make sure that your sheets are completely dry before adding them into your planner, or moving onto the next page if you are working on more than one spread!

Both options would work very well if you are not wanting bleedthrough or are worried about your actual pages warping from the water, just make sure that your sheets are completely dry before adding them into your planner, or moving onto the next page if you are working on more than one spread!


Above is a page I did previously in the month I did 2 small sections of watercolor on a page, the one on the left has less water added to it than the one on the right so the colors didn’t spread as much as the one on the right.  Both effects look great!


Here I used a note sheet, and water colored a little on the background with some Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers and used it as a background for my front cover of my May insert.  You could also use watercolor as a background on the pages you like to journal on, or some of the blank pages in your book.  You don’t have to just be abstract about it either, you could draw, or stamp and watercolor those images as well!


Here is the page that I will do for you in the tutorial below.  It is quite easy to watercolor with markers, and get only the area you wish, I will show you how below!!

I hope you enjoyed my version of this weeks Saturday Seminar Topic!  Please feel free to go to the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook page to share your watercolor ideas, and read what other people do with their watercolors in their planners!

Happy Planning!

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Dealing with Lost Mojo


I really think that this applies to all sorts of Mojo.  Sometimes you just get into a funk, and it affects your brain!

Last week, I felt like things were starting to go when I came into my studio and just stood there for about 10 minutes just staring.  I mean I know I have lots that I can do, I am working on my sister’s wedding album, I am loving the work I am doing in my art journals, I could do some work in my planner, I could film something I am sure, but just standing there I felt like things were getting cramped, and disorganized and it was affecting my Mojo.


It is all my fault, I know. When I create I just create and cleaning as I go just isn’t in the cards.  Sometimes I feel like if I have to clean as I create, that the creating will just stop and I will switch to cleaning mode.  I don’t seem to have a half way…lol.

Anyways getting back to the Mojo, I wanted to share my top 3 things that I think help with Mojo, and even reach out to you, my readers to find out what helps you when you feel like your Mojo is missing!  So please, feel free to leave me comments below on how you deal with lost Mojo.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.38.25 PM

Change of scenery,  this could mean getting outside, or this could mean rearranging your studio, or even both!  Sometimes, as long as the weather is cooperating I will bring some supplies outside on my deck to create.  And like this weekend, I felt like my studio needed a fresh look, so I moved furniture around, and put my desk by my corner window,  so I could enjoy the sunshine while I do paperwork or write, I moved my workbench by the door under my shelves so that I could use my shelves to help sort and organize my art supplies.  There is still a ton to do, but I feel like this will help things flow a little better when I am working.  My “light table” for photos is also moved out of the corner so that I can access it easier, and I redid the tissue paper on it so that my lights are better filtered.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.40.31 PM.png

Inspiration can also help you get your mojo back.  Now I am not saying spend hours and hours looking for inspiration but even searching on google might help with finding something that inspires you.  I love to spend a little time in the morning while I am drinking my tea and working on my latest knitting project just browsing Pinterest, or even google image search to get my creative juices flowing.


Dump your Brain, yes you read that right, sometimes your brain is distracted with so many things.  Just open a notebook and let it all out, make lists, sort your thoughts, doodle, if that’s what you need to just let go of what is keeping your brain otherwise occupied.  It could be a thought map, or a list, or even a rant about your day, but whatever it is, let it go.  I have a brain dump notebook that I keep by my bed for at night if I can’t sleep because my brain is too busy.  And the next day I will read through it and move things if they need to be moved into my planner, or onto a sticky note for future planning.  Sometimes it’s something that needs to go in my art journal too.

I hope that helps you when you’re stuck!  Now I am off to find my Mojo!

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Saturday Seminar: Markers & Highlighters in your Planning

Welcome to Saturday Seminar!

This week’s topic is Markers and Highlighters and ideas to use them in your planning!  I love adding color in my planner and a great way to do this is with markers, especially when you plan on the go, you can pop them in your purse and use them when you need to!  I have this case from Websters that works great for on the go planning


You can use them to help color code your calendar marking things for work, kids, together, personal, etc.  Here I used mine for work and scheduling tasks so that I can easily glance at it when I need to know what tasks need to be done, but these tasks don’t clog up my main planning pages


You can use them to add a pop of color, here I used Tim Holtz distress markers to watercolor; more on that at a later date, and use them to highlight a sticker or appointment, by drawing around the sticker or appointment


Use them for planning, here I used markers instead of a pen to separate my days, and plan my meals for the week.


Here I used them to add a little pop to the back cover around my washi tape


Here I used them to write a quote that I like on one of my note pages in my Social Media Planner


I use my highlighters mostly in my Social Media Planner pages to help color code filming, posting, and preparation tasks for things.  I also used a marker to color my social media stamp instead of using a stamp pad because I don’t have that color of stamp pad.  You use the brush end of the marker, and rub the stamp along the flat/long edge of the marker to cover, and then stamp your image.


So how about you? do you like to use markers and highlighters in your planning?  How do you like to plan with them?

Happy Planning!

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Saturday Seminar: Colored Pencils

For April’s Saturday Seminars, we are going to talk about color tools!!  I’m super excited to share some of the ideas I have using some of the great tools we have out there!!

This week we cover Colored Pencils, or Pencil Crayons, or whatever you like to call them!  They can be a great addition to your planner, to use for decoration, coloring in stamps, color coding your month, or week or day.  You can use them to create anything you want in your planner, the possibilities are endless!

I wanted to share with you a couple of things that I did this month with colored pencils!


Here I used them to highlight special days in march and add a little color to the days that don’t have dates on them at the beginning of the month.


Here I used them to color code stamps that I used to highlight tasks I wanted to complete, red for posting, and yellow for filming.


And here I used them to help me separate Saturday and Sunday instead of using washi, or stamps, I drew the little flowers and then added the shading on either side.

What do you like to add colored pencils to in your planning?  Chat with us over on the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook page in the Saturday Seminar topic!!

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Scrap with me {01}

I am going to be doing a bi-weekly process video of some of the pages from my sisters Wedding Album.  They will be offset with Card Monday each Monday.

This is the first page I made for the album.  I am not scrapbooking the photos in any order, so when this is all done I will do a flip through video of the whole book.  I am also not videoing every page, just some here and there.


Here is my process for this page.  In case you are wondering I made my own “stamp pad” with spray on a baby wipe for the blue stamping, as I don’t have that color as an ink pad.  You can do this with any of your colors.  It doesn’t create a solid stamp, I suppose if you dried the baby wipe, and then soaked it in the ink, it would create a more solid stamp image, but I didn’t need this to be solid for the look I was going for.

Here is the video!


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Saturday Seminar: Decorative Sticker Sheets

I love using the decorative sticker sheets in my planner, on cards, on postcards, or anywhere else.  I also love to make clips with the larger ones!  They are so much fun to play with!

Luckily we get these cute puffy sticker clip ones in the kits sometimes that you can make clips with.  Cocoa Daisy is even nice enough to send us paper clips to go with them!  I love this part of the kit!  Such a great detail to add in!


The decorative sticker sheets are so great to use to fill space in your planner.  Either while you plan, or after the fact and you notice one of your days is light.  The count on these sheets will vary each month depending on what sort of artwork is on them. But it’s fun to use all of them!!


Here I have used one to fill in space that I wasn’t using on a light planned day.


Here I used one to help Decorate my Birthday!


Here is one of the puffy stickers to decorate on one of my dashboards.  I use the puffy stickers mostly on my dashboards to help with the bulk.  Even though these puffy stickers are not very thick sometimes they can add just a little too much bulk to my pages.


I also like to use the puffy stickers on my Faux Pocket dashboard, to add some decoration to it!


The word stickers on the decorative sheets are also functional sometimes and can be used to top lists and things!


Here is the big circle puffy stickers as a clip in my planner, as well in the foreground you can see the banner stickers have also been used to make a clip by placing 2 of the banners back to back with a clip in between,  for these and the circular ones I like to add a little E-6000 glue in the middle to keep them together better then the sticky backing can, especially if you are in and out of your planner all day it’s nice to have a little added adhesive!


Use your stickers everywhere and anywhere you want to!  Functional and Decorative stickers both!  Layer them with washi tape, or die cuts.  Add some marker or pen around them to give them a frame.  They are there to help you with your planning, and make it fun!

Happy Planning!


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Saturday Seminar: a5 Sticker Sheet

It’s Saturday Seminar time!  This week we are showcasing the a5 Sticker sheet that you get in the Cocoa Daisy Planner kit.


I have only used a few of this one so far, but as I am writing this post I am using more!!  It is so much fun to play with the stickers for sure!

So lets go through all the stickers on the sheet

  • 2 month banner stickers
  • 2 title stickers
  • 6 flags
  • 4 dot word stickers
  • 2 fold over tab stickers
  • 4 – 1/4 circle stickers
  • 4 large arrows, some date specific
  • 6 mini dots inside 6 hole reinforcements, or paper donuts I like to call them
  • 1 landscape short decor banner
  • 4 list toppers
  • 1 tracker or to do list
  • 2 tags, you could also use the 2 tiny dots inside the top of the tags as well!
  • 8 arrow head shapes
  • 1 Cocoa Daisy Heart
  • 3 stars
  • 4 duo colored hearts
  • 1 large decor circle

If you count the 8 tiny dots inside a few of the stickers you have 63 stickers!

I have quite a few ideas for these stickers, and some of them have yet to be implimented so for those ones I will do my best to describe what I am thinking!!

The March banner, as well as the blank banner can be used for the front of your dori decorating, or on the month at a glance or month on 2 pages view, those pages do already say march, but if you wanted to change it up a bit you totally could stick them right over top of the existing month wording, you could layer it with washi tape too!


I cut off the beveled edge of one of the title stickers, and stuck it onto my spring cleaning top tab.  I did have the sticker from the tab stickers on there, but then put this one over top because I liked it better!


The fold over tab stickers I used for my March Blog Plan Page, and I also made a bookmark to easily find the week I am in.  I used a piece of vellum, the edge that I cut off for my meal plan tip ins, some die cuts, and stickers to spruce it up!


I used the shorter Decor banner, with bonjour on it on the bottom of the bookmark as well, you could laminate the bookmark as well, but this month was just a trial for me so I left it unlaminated.  I think I will do the bookmark again, and laminate it at the same time that I do my dashboards to save a sheet of lamination!!

The duo colored shapes, could again be used as more temperature trackers!  Oh yay!  More dates that I can track weather with fun stickers!.  If you read my last Saturday Seminar, I used the duo colored circles for this purpose!

For ring bound planner girls the donut holes are a no brainer, use them to reinforce one day, one week, or just randomly through your month!  The dots inside could be more bullets or todo lists!


I didn’t have an appointment to use one of these 1/4 circle stickers, so I just used it as decoration on one of my less busy days!

The large, some date specific arrows are super fun as well!  Cocoa Daisy has even included the dates you should use them on to help guide you!  Isn’t that fantastic!  In my March 6-12 Plan with Me video I used the hop forward one because while my clocks don’t change where I live, my Mom’s do, so I wanted to remember that!


I used the large circle decor sticker on my front cover, I also made a process video on how I made that as well!  The tags, and flags could also be used for decorating your cover, or for filler on your not so busy days!

The list toppers work great for shopping lists, I used one on the shopping list I made in my March 13-19 Plan with Me video.

As a fun added tip, you could even cut out and use the Cocoa Daisy logo as a sticker to mark important dates like Sneak Peeks on the 15th of the month, or release day on the 28th of the month!  Now if there is anything you want to be sure to have in your planner it is those 2 dates!!


Happy Planning!