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Tutorial: Penpal Envelope

I love getting goodies, I mean really who doesn’t!  I love to send goodies too!  So why not make a cute little envelope to send it all in!!


You can decorate it how ever you wish as well!  Have fun or even use plain envelopes, the choice is yours!  I do however recommend that your 2 middle envelopes be heavier cardstock to protect your goodies during transport!


Lets begin!

Supplies needed:

  • 4 pieces of paper, atleast 2 cardstock weight
  • washi tape, wide is good to cover 2 strips of double sided, and any other washi you want to use to decorate
  • double sided tape, I used one that you can find at Michaels
  • adhesive
  • We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board
  • scissors
  • paper trimmer
  • penpal goodies for inside
  • any other decorating items you want to use

Here is the tutorial!  I hope you enjoy!


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Cocoa Daisy March Kit Unboxing!!

I am so excited to share with you my first full official kit with Cocoa Daisy!  I am pretty sure that may mailperson thinks that I have nothing better to do then to stand by more door and wait for her to come up the stairs with my package…lol…But I have been waiting all weekend for it to be delivered!  I wish that as soon as it arrives in the city that I could just go pick it up since I am only a few blocks from the main postal station, and it really would save them the trouble!!


This kit is so full of so many goodies!  It took me a while to get through it all!   Hopefully it’s not to long but I had to share every little detail with you all!!

If you don’t already subscribe to Cocoa Daisy, well you better head over to their site and subscribe to all this goodness!!  I am so pleased with the high quality of goods as well as how awesome their customer service is in any situation!!

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I loved unwrapping all this!!


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Tutorial: Envelope Dashboard

Today I bring you the Envelope Dashboard.  I recently did a walk-though of my February set up, and in it I showed off my envelope dashboards.


As you can see they are super cute, and super useful, you can put anything in them.  I do all 4 of my dashboards with them, so that I have an envelope for work receipts, home receipts, coupons and loose notes or other things I get that I don’t have time to find a proper place for in my planner.

Here are the supplies you need:

Here is the tutorial!  Enjoy!


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February Set Up

It’s February 2nd can you believe it?  I know I can’t!  Punxsutawney Phil decided that there will be 6 more weeks of winter…booo…hiss…lol.   ETA, maybe I should listen to our Wiarton Willie, our Canadian ground hog, as he says early spring this year!!

Thank goodness either way for being able to insert color into my drab grey winter scene with lovely papers, stickers and washi tape!!


I worked this morning with some cute valentine’s themed papers to make a new faux pocket for February, and also some pocket dashboards.  I used 6 different sheets for this and made a full set of matchy, matchy dashboards for my planner.  Each one has an envelope pocket as the back cover for receipts and loose notes etc.


The faux pocket is laminated this time, I cut off the excess lamination from the edges because sewing it does make the edges strong enough without the added edging that the lamination makes.  But now the papers and the washi are protected from use!

A tip: if you are laminating your faux pocket; use the edge of scissors to cut the pockets back open, as you may end up cutting too far with an exacto knife and accidentally cut your pockets right off! (i didn’t do it, but I came close!)

And here is a quick video walkthrough of my February planner set up

What sorts of things did you include in your February set up?


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Tutorial: Faux Pocket

EDITED TO ADD: For those who either don’t have a sewing machine or don’t sew, You can also use the double sided tape that you can find at Michael’s with the red backing on it, the skinny stuff.  It works great, you can use it to attach the sides of each of your pockets after you washi tape them on. And also for your back piece as well, adding it to just the sides you need to in order to insert it into your planner :).

And now on with the Tutorial!!

I have been having a blast today playing with paper!!  A few days ago, Christine from Cocoa Daisy posted a short video where she showed off a faux pocket for the front of her planner, and I instantly fell in love with the idea and wanted to make one of my own!


I also wanted to share how to do it with you!  So I made a tutorial, that as I am writing this blog post is slowly but surely uploading to my YouTube Channel!  Please subscribe as I will be posting more videos!

Here are the supplies you need to make your own faux pocket!

  • Cardstock, these pieces must be at least the width of your faux pocket, scraps can be used, as most of the pockets should be about 2″ deep unless you want larger pockets, you also need a larger piece that will act as the front of your backing
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Washi
  • Sewing machine
  • backing cardboard, this is a thin cardboard, I found some on the back of a paper package, or you could use an old cardboard post/mailing envelope
  • a ruler or a cutting mat with measurements on it.

You could also have embellishments if you wanted to decorate the bottom pocket as well, it’s up to you!

I hope you enjoy my tutorial!  I had a few phone issues (space, who needs it!) but I got it sorted now, so upcoming videos should go much, much smoother…lol

Please comment below if you make a faux pocket with a link to your Instagram feed so I can check it out!!  You can also hashtag #plannerfauxpocket on Instagram so that we can all see and be inspired by your pocket!!

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New Skill Unlocked: Book Binding

Ok a bit of a geeky title, but seriously I feel like I just got an achievement or a Girl Guide badge or something!  Last night the Open Field Craft Collective hosted a book binding workshop and I took part in some awesome fun, and I learned a new skill!


Looks like a bit of a mess, but I was in the midst of folding papers to create a “signature” which is the book binding term for one of the booklets of paper that was to go into my book as I bound it.


Here all 6 “signatures” are done, and I have threaded my needle to use for binding.  The paper I used was dot grid paper that I printed earlier in the day using this dot grid generator

My settings are as follows


And when you go to print, be sure that you print it at 100% scale, otherwise your dots will shrink and you’ll end up with a white boarder around your pages.  Don’t be scared about the 11×17 document size its just set like that to give you full dot coverage on your 8.5×11 sheet when you print.  I also printed mine double sided with the flip on the short edge, so that I had dots on both sides of the paper, but you could print it one sided and ever second page or so would be blank, or even make a lined template in word and use that, again creating it on 11×17 settings and printing it at 100% scale so that your lines will go all the way to the end of your pages.


Here is the finished product. I have chosen to close it with a simple elastic loop which you will see in another post as I would love to share this new skill with you and create a tutorial for my blog!



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Clips, Quotes and Doodles

For the last few days I have been playing around in my Cocoa Daisy planner.  Doing some decorating, and writing a bit.  Planning more in it as we get closer to the start of February.  I have been planning some videos to do, and planning more blog posts that I hope you’ll enjoy!


Playing with the puffy stickers from February I made a few clips, the heart one, which is so adorable and such an awesome idea.  It comes as a sticker with the little area to fold over a paperclip, and then the two puffy sides stick together to make the heart clip.  So Fun!

The circular ones are the puffy circles that come on the sticker sheet.  You get 4 circles, so I used the Simon, and the donut on one clip, and the cup, and the planner nerd on other clip!  Then I could flip them around for a different look.


I also finally decided on what I am doing for February in the divided blank sections.  I am going to practice my handwriting and doodling with some quotes that I like. I can’t wait to find more to add into my pages and practice different writing fonts as I go!   I used some of the Cocoa Daisy Washi Tape to decorate a little on the top of the page as well.

The next kits are coming soon for Cocoa Daisy, sign-ups for the April ones will start March 2!!  The best value is the 6 month subscription,  There are different sizes available from A5 binder style all the way to Mini Travelers Notebook style.  They announced this month that the add on kit was so popular in subscriptions that it sold out!  So to make sure you don’t miss out on it, subscribe early and subscribe to what you want!!  I am subscribed to the Personal Dori, and the planner add on kit, and I may try the dashboards subscription out as well to give me a few for my laminated dashboard envelopes that I like to have around my inserts in my planner!


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Books and Reading

I love to read,  most days I would rather read then watch tv.  Currently I am reading the Throne of Glass series from Sarah J. Maas.  I am really enjoying them and it gives me a place to escape to when I need it.  The series is about a young assassin and her life and where it takes her.  There are some prequels that aren’t necessarily crucial to the series, but I have definitely found the series more enjoyable with the back story included.  The prequels can be found bundled together in the Assassins Blade book.  I do recommend reading those first.


Do you belong to goodreads?  you can find me here and friend me if you would like.  I am always looking for more books to read and love looking though friends reading lists.  I think goodreads is a great tool to find your next book, and maybe find out more about books your curious about.  I try not to read the reviews because quite a few of them have spoilers, but quite often the synopsis that you find on goodreads is better then the one in the book if your out and about.  I will often stop in the book section of stores and see what titles catch my eye, I will scan the isbn into good reads and it will take me to read about what the book is about, and then if I want to read it, I just hit “want to read” and its added to my list!  Its quite handy!

I don’t know if I will ever do any book reviews on here, but its always nice to find some book readers who have similar taste in books, or even read different things to broaden my book reading as well.

I tend to read fantasy, sci fi, some history books, depending if the topic insterests me, and even some biographies.  I used to read a lot of murder and horror, but I find I like the esape of fantasy more.  I will still read a good stephen king once in a while, just not as often as i used to.

What book(s) are you currently reading?

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Cocoa Daisy

I am so excited to share with you some new things!!

I have recently joined a planner supply club called Cocoa Daisy, and each month I will receive some super cute supplies for my travelers notebooks!  In this club each month you receive a travelers notebook insert, stickers, washi tape, diecuts, double sided papers, clips, stamps, notepads, sticky notes, page tabs, and other cute things!  Each month is designed to match, and make planning fun!

I would like to be able to share unboxing videos, maybe even some planning videos, photos and even some tutorials!  I am really looking forward to this club and how different each month is!!


I have placed a couple of small orders before my first kit for the month of March arrives, and I love the quality of the items.  They don’t feel like cheaply made items that are going to stop working after the first use.  The Daisy dori, or travelers notebook insert which is for February, has very nice paper in it, the notebook has a calendar on the front page, 5-6 pages of divided grid pages, it has some blank and lined note pages, and then 5-6 pages of divided blank pages.  The initial plan for me, is to plan in the first set of 5-6 grid pages, and then journal in the second set of 5-6 blank pages, we will see how well that works with February before my actual kits start arriving!!


The colors in these kits are just wonderful and I can’t wait for more!!  I look forward to sharing my ideas with these kits as they arrive and I start to have fun with them!!

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Bujo Recap

Thanks for reading through my series on Bullet Journalling.  I really hope it was helpful for you to either help expand your bullet journalling, or to even start one.

I love the flexibility and recommend it all the time to people who are struggling in their current planner, or are looking to get started in paper planning.  Just the other day I was in my bank and one of the ladies behind the counter was talking about how she needed space to write lists, but her current calendar pages just didn’t allow all the items she needed to do in one day sometimes.  And I told her about bullet journalling, and how easy it is to do, and to conform to what you need it to do instead of conforming to a little box, or a page.

It’s so fun sharing how bullet journalling has helped me find planner peace.  You can bullet journal in anything you want.  Even in a preplanned planner, its all in doing what you need and how you need to do it, to get stuff done.


My journey has brought me to a place now where I bullet journal in my travelers notebook for daily tasks etc, and then I use my Leuchtturm1917 journal for what I call Master Lists and collections.  I have a master list for groceries, one for cleaning around the house, tv watching collections, and so many other things that I want to keep track of but don’t really want to carry around with me every day.  In my TN, I have my planner pages, a note book for jotting notes, or numbers, or info that I receive during a day, a calendar for my staff hours and vacation times, and a notebook for writing down new knitting patterns.  This system is keeping me very organized and helps me to get things done.


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Fun with Collections!

I think my favorite part of Bullet Journalling is Collections.  These are pages for tracking special things, and lists of special things.


Things like movies to watch, or you have watched, or books to read, or have read, a savings chart for a special occasion, goals, pet vet visits, social media goals, a special visit to some where, a memory wall of a vacation, so many things can be a collection that you want to have outside of your every day bullet journalling.

They can also be placed anywhere in your bullet journal, some people just insert them on the next available page, and some set aside pages at the back of your bullet journal to keep them together.  I like adding them in when the idea pops in my head about what I want to create a collection for, and then I just index it to make it easy to find.  Sometimes I will even washi tape the edges of a collection to make it visually easy to get to, you could also use tabs on the side or top of your journal to mark your collections.


Because I bullet journal mostly in travelers notebooks now, I have a separate travelers notebook for my collections.  Makes them easy to find, as well when I am done working in my monthly notebook, and I replace it with a new one, my collections stay in my planner.

What sort of collections do you have, or plan on having in your bullet journal?