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February Set Up

It’s February 2nd can you believe it?  I know I can’t!  Punxsutawney Phil decided that there will be 6 more weeks of winter…booo…hiss…lol.   ETA, maybe I should listen to our Wiarton Willie, our Canadian ground hog, as he says early spring this year!!

Thank goodness either way for being able to insert color into my drab grey winter scene with lovely papers, stickers and washi tape!!


I worked this morning with some cute valentine’s themed papers to make a new faux pocket for February, and also some pocket dashboards.  I used 6 different sheets for this and made a full set of matchy, matchy dashboards for my planner.  Each one has an envelope pocket as the back cover for receipts and loose notes etc.


The faux pocket is laminated this time, I cut off the excess lamination from the edges because sewing it does make the edges strong enough without the added edging that the lamination makes.  But now the papers and the washi are protected from use!

A tip: if you are laminating your faux pocket; use the edge of scissors to cut the pockets back open, as you may end up cutting too far with an exacto knife and accidentally cut your pockets right off! (i didn’t do it, but I came close!)

And here is a quick video walkthrough of my February planner set up

What sorts of things did you include in your February set up?



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