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I love to read,  most days I would rather read then watch tv.  Currently I am reading the Throne of Glass series from Sarah J. Maas.  I am really enjoying them and it gives me a place to escape to when I need it.  The series is about a young assassin and her life and where it takes her.  There are some prequels that aren’t necessarily crucial to the series, but I have definitely found the series more enjoyable with the back story included.  The prequels can be found bundled together in the Assassins Blade book.  I do recommend reading those first.


Do you belong to goodreads?  you can find me here and friend me if you would like.  I am always looking for more books to read and love looking though friends reading lists.  I think goodreads is a great tool to find your next book, and maybe find out more about books your curious about.  I try not to read the reviews because quite a few of them have spoilers, but quite often the synopsis that you find on goodreads is better then the one in the book if your out and about.  I will often stop in the book section of stores and see what titles catch my eye, I will scan the isbn into good reads and it will take me to read about what the book is about, and then if I want to read it, I just hit “want to read” and its added to my list!  Its quite handy!

I don’t know if I will ever do any book reviews on here, but its always nice to find some book readers who have similar taste in books, or even read different things to broaden my book reading as well.

I tend to read fantasy, sci fi, some history books, depending if the topic insterests me, and even some biographies.  I used to read a lot of murder and horror, but I find I like the esape of fantasy more.  I will still read a good stephen king once in a while, just not as often as i used to.

What book(s) are you currently reading?


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