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Dailies, for when your just that busy!  or just because you like to organized your day that way.  Tasking and crossing them off as you get them done, some how feels more rewarding then just doing.  I know some days if I don’t write things down I am prone to forgetting, but it also makes me feel as though I did nothing!  I was unproductive!  Don’t get me wrong, its awfully nice to have a sit on the couch all day kind of day!


Dailies are also where you are going to put your key into action, using dots and boxes and x’s to signify what your doing will help you keep organized with what needs to happen in your day, and also where you need to go.

Using your weekly or even your monthly depending on what format you chose to do, you are going to go into more detail about the tasks that need to be completed in your day, you will even check back into your future plan to see if there was anything new added that didn’t make it to your monthly

As you adapt and grow with your bullet journal you will find that tasking gets easier.  I tend to task the night before during my wind down of the day.  Making sure that I have a clear path for tomorrow.  It also helps you with where your day is going to be placed in your journal, because by the end of the day, the current days tasks have either been crossed off, or are ready to migrate or future plan.

Sometimes task migration (thats the forward arrow and then it gets written on the next day) happens often, but I try and set a rule that things can only migrate to the next day 3 times, then something needs to happen with it, whether its breaking it down even further into smaller tasks, or just plain doing it!

Doing your dailies in a bullet journal vs a traditional calendar also has its benefits, as you see above some days are long and task full, and others there is just 1 thing.  In your journal, you don’t have to feel like you have to fill the page with things to do, and once your day is done, you just write in the next day, so no wasted space stares at you hauntingly like “you got nothing done today”…lol.  And you also have the benefit that if you have a task heavy day, you have the space for it!



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