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Weeklies & Meal Planning

Going now into more detail, depending on how busy you are weeklies could be where you find yourself most comfortable.  They can give you enough space for your tasks that you need to get done without diving into dailies if you don’t think you need the room.


Here you can see I tried a vertical approach to weeklies with my meals at the bottom of each day.  I was also habit tracking (not so successfully) weekly.

Layouts for weeklies is where I find I have the most variety in that I tend to change my weekly layouts often, to not only suite my needs, but also to evolve in my bullet journalling and see if there is a layout that works better for me.

I also tend to meal plan weekly, which is why I chose to talk about these two topics together.  I like to keep those two things on the same pages so that I can easily reference my meal plan, while looking at my week and vice versa.


Here you can see that my week is on one page, and my meal plan and grocery list is on the other.  I used to plan all of my meals for the whole day, but most days I eat Breakfast and Lunch by myself, so there was no need to plan those, but Dinners are more important to track and plan to avoid the dreaded “What’s for Dinner?” question…lol.   I also find that having a plan for dinner we are less likely to eat out, because we have bought the groceries for the week, or we are craving what ever it is we are going to be eating that day, instead of craving junk or eating out.

Weeklies are a great place to keep all your appointments, and tasks that you have outside of the house, I have seen some layouts that split down the middle of one page, with tasks on one side, and appointments on the other side, to keep them separate and clear.  This layout is especially good for weeks with lots of errands and appointments.

Here you may also go into more detail then you did on your monthly calendar, for example Chris plays soccer, and on my monthly calendar, I write Soccer 9:15, sometimes I just write Soccer.  Then on my weeklies, on the day he has soccer, I write Chris Soccer 9:15pm Green Field.  This now gives me all of the info for that task and then when I plan meals for the week I know we have to have dinner by 7pm, and if I am busy during the day, and I chose a crock pot meal it needs to go in between 11am and 1pm depending on if it has a 4-6 hour cook time.

There are weeks where weeklies is enough for me.  But when it starts getting into busier times, I need to add dailies as well, which we will talk about tomorrow!


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