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Monthly Layouts & Habit Tracking

Monthly spreads can be big or small, one page or two, what ever functions for you.  Some people like to put their calendar on one page and use the other for Habit tracking.  I like to have my weekdays on one page, and the weekend on the next page, with my habits to the right of that as pictured below.  Sometimes if I only have a few habits then I will track them along the bottom.


Your monthly is the place to jot things in that are happening for the month, as you would a normal monthly calendar.  Some instances I like to use short had or abbreviations for things so they don’t take too much room on a day, and some things I write out what is happening on that day.  Things like Dance and Soccer, DOR is Staff Day off Requests, that is the cut off day for them, and the day I add them to my staff calendar, and SCHED is the day I have planned to do the next weeks staff schedule.  Some times I write important work related things on this calendar just to remind myself that I will be affected by what is going on that day, but their days off go in another calendar to make it easy for scheduling and it doesn’t always clog up my planning pages.  For now also I am writing down blog topics I want to write about on what day, but I may set out blogging pages at a later date as I figure out what I want to do with the pages.

Habit tracking is important to some people.  It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not track it to see h0w your doing with relation to keeping up with your new or existing habits.  When you do your habit tracking is up to you.  Some people add them to their monthly spreads, some people track weekly, or daily, and some even do combinations of those, where they have a monthly tracker for certain things, and others they track daily like water intake, or weekly because they spend more time on their weekly spreads then monthly ones.

Track things like

  • bed and wake times
  • washing your hair
  • vitamins
  • no spending
  • cooking at home
  • work outs
  • reading time

and so many more things.  What sorts of habits would you like to track in your bullet journal?


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