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Organize your Key

Now we are getting to the point where we are ready to start tasks in your bullet journal.  Part of tasks is tracking what the are in your journal, a place, or appointment, a to do, and even to designate that a task is compete.

Thats where a Key comes into play.  Generally these are at the front of your book, maybe the single page 1 before the page 2-3 spread, maybe your key falls on Page 26, because you want it after your future planning pages.

I did one on page 1. this is my main key. I left lots of room incase I decided to change one of my icons, or even what they were used for.  I have seen some examples of keys that were just done in pencil as well, until the user figured out what works for them.  The original Key is on if you want to start with that key and then adapt it to fit you.


I also did a flip out key that I could keep for handy reference while I was planning my tasks.


I did this by writing down my key on a scrap piece of grid paper, and then washi taping it on the last blank page of my journal, this page, in the Leuchtturm1917 anyways is a bit heavier paper then the rest of the book and seems to be a great place to keep something I will reference a ton.


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