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Future or Forward Planning

You have plans, big plans and need a space to keep them all organized!!  So now what do you do?  Well in the world of bullet journalling we use Future planning pages, whether it be in calendar layout form, or a Calendex, or even vertical or horizontal spaces for each month, you need to keep track of things not happening in that moment.


I tried using a calendex for a while, but I am very visual and love to see what I am doing it and when I am doing it, without having to decipher a code, or flip to many pages to keep track of it!  I also don’t have all of my future calendars at the start of my bullet journal, instead I future plan quarterly.  And how I know that I need to make the next quarter, is the day that I make plans in that quarter.  I think I do it this way so that I am not overwhelmed with making plans before they need to be made.  I mean yes I could go through my months and go back to the beginning of my book to plan when I need to but it just doesn’t seem to flow that way for me.


Here is a photo of my first Calendex, its pretty to look at but just not functional for me.





Future planning pages can hold many different things as well. Birthday, anniversary dates, vacation time, Work schedule (if you know your schedule that far in advance) government holidays, EDO days (if yours float around) so many things!

If your visual, and need the calendar boxes, slotting out 12 2 page spreads for calendars is a wise decision.  Sometimes all the other options just aren’t enough.  You do what works for you!  There is nothing wrong, and even if you try something and a few weeks or months later, change your mind, its ok, just turn the page and start again.

Once you’ve completed your Future Planning pages, don’t forget to update your index with your Future Planning pages!!

What do you keep on your future planning pages?


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