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Lets Talk Bullet Journalling

I discovered Bullet journalling a while ago, while I was in search of the perfect planning system for me.  As a planner I have migrated through several options in book form, electronic form and back to paper form.  I have moved from a structured calendar to just a plain old notebook and a pen, and that is where bullet journalling falls.


As far as I am concerned, and everyone has their own opinion, there is no right or wrong way to bullet journal.  Ryder Carol developed Bullet journalling, his website is a great place to start.  There is lots of information and how to’s on his site, on how to get started.  Then adapt it for yourself.  I would like to explore how I bullet journal, and perhaps as you read and learn you will adapt your own way of bullet journalling that fits your needs.

I will be posting topics about bullet journalling and I will be using the blog categories to keep them grouped together, so if you would like to keep going with the posts on bullet journalling, please be sure to click on the Bullet Journal Basics Category to see all the other posts that I have made on this topic.

Before we get started though, I would like to share some tips and tricks that I have learned.

  1.  Don’t be afraid to start.  I know a brand new book seems daunting when you first rip open the plastic wrap, but honestly, if this is your first or second or 10th journal sometimes the feeling of breaking in a new book is the same. The best thing to do is open it and start writing.  Even if its just your contact information on the front page, may I suggest your Name, and your email address, this is probably the safest information to give without giving too much.  You don’t want to put your address on there.  I am not saying everyone is bad, but if this falls into someones hands that has less then pure intentions they not only have your address, but now know when you are not going to be home over the next few days atleast!
  2. Mistakes are ok!  its just paper, and besides, you can cover it with some pretty washi tape, stickers, a white gel pen, white out, or doodle if you’re that creative!  Even if its a whole spread that you aren’t happy with, washi the pages together and move on.  This process is a learning experience, even seasoned bullet journalers make mistakes.
  3. Be as creative or structured as you want to be.  Remember this journal is yours!!  And no one is going to grade you on it!  Do what works for you!
  4. Track what matter to you.  Whether its 1 thing your trying to change, or your whole morning routine, create a spread or use a space on your calendar page to track what matters most to you.  You aren’t tracking things for other peoples benefit, just you!
  5. A plan for your planner, some people need the structure of knowing what days to do what in your planner, Example is I meal plan and plan out my week with things that I know need to happen, and when they need to happen, then each morning, or sometimes the night before, I look over my day and add things that need to be added.
  6. Find a community, a facebook group, follow some planners on Instagram, there is a ton of inspiration out there.  Just take one thing in with you when you join a group, and that is its not a competition, and you don’t have to spend hours or days working on a spread like some do.  you spend as much or as little time as you want in your journal.
  7. It’s a good idea to have a workspace that you can Bullet Journal in, a space to store your supplies and think about your plan.  For some it’s a rolling cart beside their kitchen table, for others its a desk, with pen and stationary storage.
  8. Sometimes bigger is not better.  Start simple, and even stay simple if it works for you.  The bullet journal is designed to help you get stuff done!

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